Mario Carlo

11/1/2020 4:43am

7lbs 4.5oz

about making me ...

DEC 2019

I was planned (and no, it didn't take Mom & Dad 3 years, they just finally realized I'd be the best thing since sliced bread and said "screw it" (hehe))


JAN 2020

The doc says I was conceived during Mom & Dad's only trip to Napa, the day they visited my Mom's favorite Wine's Vineyard, Altamura (why didn't you name me Frank, mom?)

9/14 UPDATE:  Fun fact ... mom found out today (at ~8 months pregnant) she was likely right all along and I was, in fact, not conceived in January ... but February!  I've heard this pretty much lines up with what a fun year 2020 has been. 😜



Mom had a funny feeling about me, so she took a test.  Voila!  Then she text Dad (really Mom?).  Mom also decided my name was either Mia Rita or Mario Carlo (can't accuse her of not knowing what she wants!).

In case you're wondering ... "Rita" is my Great Grandmother (mom's Grammy).  "Mario" was Great Grandmother Rita's Brother (and also a cute old man my parents met in Florence).  "Carlo" was my Great Grandpa Caparso.

Mom also proceeded to take 18 tests.  Can't wait to meet this crazy lady!!


MAR 12TH Pt 1

Mom and Dad waited til Gaga Demers' (mom's mommy) birthday to tell my grandparents.


First, they FaceTimed w/ Nana & Papa Caparso to confirm if Chili was OK for their upcoming visit...​ (press play on the video & turn on/up your sound!)

MAR 12TH Pt 2

Then, they went to dinner w/ Papah Demers (mom's daddy) & Don Don (mom's Uncle) & Uncle Mikey & Auntie Jesse for Gaga's bday.


My cousin Macallen wore a "gonna be a big cousin" shirt.  It's hard to see in the video, but Gaga thought Auntie Jesse's brother was pregnant, that's how little faith everyone had in my parents LOL​.  PS, yes, Papah thinks it's funny to call me Carlos already!



Mommy had her 1st Dr appt and heard my super fast heartbeat!  Listen here.

Mom is also starting to accept that I'm about to DESTROY her physique.  She doesn't know yet, but I'm totally worth it.



Mom's magical blood test confirmed I was a boy (woohoo "It's Me, Mario!") with no signs of genetic issues.  Yes, both Mom & Dad cried (oh boy, here we go!)


Mom also already picked out my clothes "theme" for the first 5 years of my life.  This lady is a LOT, huh?



Ahhhh, my very first photoshoot!  I was WAY too busy practicing my gymnastics to sit still, but the nice Nurse still got some good pics and Dad even got to FaceTime in (Dad isn't allowed to go with Mom bc of the silly "Cold" out there).


9/14 UPDATE:  This is the ultrasound where the tech said I was 2 weeks older than mom thought.  Good thing mom never stopped asking ... turns out (now that it's September), mom was probably right all along.



​Another fancy test tells Mom & Dad that my Neural Tube Defect scan was negative!  The nurse also asked Mom if she felt me yet.  When she said "no," the nurse said ... oh, YOU WILL.  Check out my 151 bpm heart rate hehe.  Still doing great!

Mom also decided what she thinks I'll look like.  I'm telling you, she's straight up crazy!


Today was my super official photoshoot (aka Anatomy Scan).  Just like my Dad, I do NOT like having my picture taken, especially not for 45 minutes!

Basically, I stayed curled up in a ball, face down, and made the nice Nurse ask Mom to do all sorts of tricks to get me to move.  Too bad mom does those tricks all the time when she teaches, didn't phase me at all!  The nice Nurse also said I'm super healthy and have all the right bits & pieces!  My heart rate was GREAT too ... I have to keep up with Mom after all!  Waving hi!

9/14 UPDATE:  Given they told mom I was 2 weeks older at my last appointment (they used a different method of measurement) ... I started measuring "small" at this one.  This leads to a LOT of additional tests and appointments over the next 3 months... The good news is mom has TONS of pictures of me!



Mom learns about my new favorite game, HIDE AND SEEK!  She takes a pic when she wakes up, then again at night.


I'm always hiding when she wakes up, who likes the morning anyway?  But come night time ... let's PARTY!!  hehe

Mom also thinks she feels me bouncin around in her belly, but she's not sure if it's gas hehe (btw, it's me!!!)



I "met" my Caparso grandparents today!  Also, I kicked Daddy in the face when he was talking to me hehe

Mom also gave dad his Father's day present this week.  I can't wait to be twinzees!!

And do you know who I can't WAIT to meet?  My cousins Maverick, Macallen, & Addie.  Oh boy are we gonna cause trouble!!!



Mom taught not 1, but THREE classes ... OUTSIDE ... with me today.  Is she cray?  I mean, we know she's cray.  But I definitely wasn't hiding for this one ... I wanted to see (and be seen)!

Confession ... I kinda like the music she plays in what I hear her call "Buti Yoga" ... it feels wrong, but so right.




Mom was a trooper for the family July 4th vaca while everyone partied every day and night!  She took me for long walks with my cousin Macallen, and tried to relax with me as much as she could.  For the most part, I let her enjoy her vaca, but I just love the warm sun so I had to come out and play sometimes!

laying down.JPG


OK, so I'm actually not a nice calm kid.  But apparently that surprises no one who knows my mom?  I happen to move, and kick ... a LOT.  Watch mom's belly closely (ignore the background TV, that's The Office, sounds pretty funny) :)


I had another photo shoot and the Nurse thanked mom for being in better shape than her 20-year-old moms .. and she told her I was beautiful!  

Mom also got to see me "eating" this time (I basically look like a fish opening and closing my mouth hehe)!  She got some great pics of me this time, especially my feet, because I was more cooperative!

I grew adequately since my last appointment.  More importantly, all the "health tests" (aka amnio fluid, placenta/umbilical cord blood flow, etc.) were normal!  Although I will confess, when the nice Nurse was trying to get a Doppler reading of the umbilical cord blood flow, I kept kicking right in the middle of the reading so she'd have to do it over.  hehe ... 



The best highlight of August was my mommy turning 36!  She also FINALLY gave in and started showing me :-)

Daddy took her on a romantic getaway to Mystic, CT and they had a great time!



What a fun month!  Mommy was admittedly feeling a little down that she wasn't having a "Traditional" pregnancy to share with all her family, friends, and FRIENDz... 

BUT! Her work (Dell) surprised her with a virtual baby shower (and her work friend Katie delivered a DELISH cake & a MOUND of presents!  They also made a super cute video where everyone "Dressed up" virtually with Super Mario brothers filters!)

ALSO!  Her studio staff surprised her with a LIVE (but small and socially smart) baby shower, even Nana showed up!

AND!  My auntie's Ash & Jesse and Gaga surprised her with a "baby shower" getaway to Gloucester where they WENT TO THE BEACH (my mommy's favorite place in the world next to the Studio) and stayed at the Ocean House!




Mommy & Daddy celebrated 4 years of marriage on the 15th and went away for the last time without me (they didn't know that hehe)!  This was the final month I spent in mommy's belly.  In fact, enter October 30th ...


It was the first real snow storm of 2020.  Mommy taught her virtual fitness class at 7am, then worked for a bit before a morning appt.  Came home, worked some more, then headed out to vote & go to her final Prenatal appt.  Because of the snow, it took 2 hours to get to her appt (vs the usual 25 minutes) and she was very stressed.  She joked to a friend her BP was skyrocketing.

Whelp, universe listened.  At her prenatal she planned to decline her induction on Nov 1st ... the nurse joked, sure she wouldn't have to go on Monday... bc she'd prob go that night.  At which point her BP skyrocketed even more (she REALLY wanted to go into labor naturally).

She was sent to Triage for monitoring ... long story short, she called daddy and told him to grab the bags just incase ... her BP didn't go down fast enough.  Admitted to Labor & Delivery.  Her BP went back to normal, never to rise again.  BUT ...



Mommy's first nurse in Labor & Delivery was super sweet and while explaining things to her (about the looming induction) and she asked mommy if she was in the medical field (no, ma'am, my mommy is just crazy lol) bc of her responses.

1:15am 10/31/20 - Induction begins.  Daddy & the amazing nurse who came on 10/31 stayed by mommy's side the entire time (and Gaga came to visit during the day).  A series of 3 different interventions happen over the next 24 hours.  Mommy was finally without sleep and in pain for long enough, she asked for an epidural.

1:15am 11/1/20 - Epidural given, mommy could finally relax.  Whelp ...

2:30am - mommy's water broke.

3:10am - mommy's nurse said she's ready if she wants to start pushing?  (so, yes, she got about 2 hours of relief hehe)

4:43am 11/1/20 - I, Mario Carlo Caparso, made my debut at 7lbs 4.5oz (aka NOT an IUGR baby ... eyeroll).  The nurses and doctor's were beyond impressed with mommy's ability to push me out "so efficiently." (the doctor had planned to come back many hours after I started pushing but the nurse called her an hour later!).  Mommy was up and at em an hour later and even gave daddy her first Motrin bc he had a headache (she had to wait 6 hours to get another lol).  Trooper!

Mommy and Daddy fell in LOVE with the staff at UMASS.  They even stayed an extra day!

I simply can't WAIT for this journey ... and I hope you join me :)